Beneficial rest through full-spectrum CBD tablets with melatoninview details

    Find a sense of calm with full-spectrum CBD tabletsview details

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    Enjoy wellness through full-spectrum CBD tablets view details

    Find calming relief for mind and body with our full-spectrum CBD tincture oil in two strengths- 400mg and 800mgview details

    Pharmaceutical-Grade Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Melatonin Tablets
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    Pharmaceutical-Grade Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oral Tablets
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        Pharmaceutical-Grade Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oral Tablets

        Tikva CBD Oral Tablets is a fantastic option for increased wellness support. This formulation is familiar and easy-to-use to ensure accurate dosing. 

        Tikva CBD is formulated by PhD's to provide you with the best source for high quality options, backed by science. 

        Active Ingredients
        10mg CBD | Anhydrous Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Polyethyene Glycol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Magnesum Stearate

        All of our products are made in the USA and certified cGMP compliant.

        Not all CBD is created equal. We have science you can trust.

        Tikva CBD is formulated by PhD's to provide you with the best source for high quality options, backed by science. 

        • Formulated by PhDs
        • Promotes Overall Wellness
        • Non-Psychoactive (THC content is .3% or below)

        Part of our core collection, Tikva's CBD tablet formulation is likely the most familiar for new users. This is a great solution for those who want to have a consistent measurement of CBD to support overall wellness.

        Tikva's products are supported by a comprehensive supply chain, with robust and repeatable testing, and supply chain integrity. Premier supply chain services in strict accordance with predetermined quality attributes are designed specifically to ensure our customers have a product they can trust.

        For adults, take 1-3 Tikva CBD Oral Tablets. It is recommended to start with a half tablet and increase in increments of 5mg (a half tablet) until desired effect is achieved. learn how to use

        Determining the right dose is an important part of the process of trying CBD, especially for the first time.

        We highly recommend that patients explore through gradual use titration, which involves starting at the lowest recommended dose, waiting at least 60 minutes to gauge your body's reaction, and then increase if needed until desired effect is achieved.

        For more information on dosing and choosing the right amount of CBD, read our blog

        • Contains natural terpenes and phytocannabinoids for a synergistic effect
        • Our unflavored CBD oil consists of full-spectrum hemp extract
        • Easy-to-use tablet formula is familiar for new users
        • Accurately measured dose in each tablet

        You may already be aware of some of the benefits of CBD oil, but have you heard of the beneficial synergistic effect that may occur with full-spectrum cannabis? This is why Tikva never offers CBD isolate. This allows the beneficial terpenes and phytocannabinoids to work together and these beneficial compounds may support whole-body wellness and a sense of calming relief. learn more here

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Stephanie Matsunaga RN, CMT

        I have chronic pain issues, and have recently taken on a 100 mile bike challenge for the month of September. I haven't ridden my bike in years. I did a 12 mile ride and could barely move the next day. Then I was introduced to this product. It came highly recommended to me by a client and good friend. So I thought, why not. Let's really test this. I took one before my next ride. I rode 20 miles with ease, no restrictions, mobility was great, and no soreness after. Wasn't even tired! Amazing product!

        Carrie N
        CBD Oral Tablets

        Tikva is my go-to CBD oral tablets! I have been taking them now for about 6 months. I notice that my days are drastically different when I take this CBD product vs. days that I don't. I have a very long commute and highly stressful job, taking this CBD has been a game changer for me and fully makes me relax and unwind. I have tried other CBD products and they did not have the same effect, Tikva definitely knows what they are doing!

        Great anxiety reducer

        I can’t recommend this highly enough, This CBD has had free of any need for Xanax without any sense of sluggishness - which isn’t something I’ve experienced with other CBD products, this is the real deal.

        Sherry Santre

        I can’t say enough about CBD Tincture oil. After a vigorous workout my muscles are feeling fatigued and worsen the next day, until I started using the CBD oil. Use it right after your workout and the following day you will feel the result. I’ve tried throughout my life to not take anything artificial or chemical to ease discomfort so this is a welcome alternative to keeping a healthy lifestyle.

        Lisa walgren
        Omg amazing

        I have anxiety and I am so happy I found tikva!
        It takes the edge off and I feel like the me I want to be. When I need a little help ... I take the CBD tablets . I don’t usually write reviews but seriously... it is comforting to know I can handle life better and feel in charge vs spun in anxiety and overwhelm. I highly recommend!

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