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        Tikva is unlike any other CBD brand on the market due to our pharmaceutical DNA. We set a new bar in the CBD industry by manufacturing our products to pharmaceutical standards with proprietary, indication-driven formulations

        Science Behind Tikva

        Quality Raw Materials

        GMP Manufacturing

        Analytics & Testing


        Modes of Administration

        Formulation Development

        Tikva Product Highlights

        The Science Behind Tikva

        Tikva has an exclusive partnership with Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries – a world - renowned Israeli Pharmaceutical company with over a decade of clinical research in medical cannabis. Thanks to their relentless emphasis on research and development, their entire gr oup of companies, founded over 40 years ago, offers more than 600 medical products in over 30 international markets to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions

        Why does Tikva partner with an Israeli company to manufacture our products? It was an Isr aeli scientist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who first discovered THC, CBD, and the entire endocannabinoid system in the 1960s. Israel continues to lead the world in medical cannabis research and product development.

        In 2009, Panaxia was the first company granted a license by the Israeli Ministry of Health to conduct clinical research and make pharmaceutical cannabis products under stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. This certification ensures and mandates that Panaxia products are manufactured to the most demanding requirements for validation and standardization.

        Tikva products are manufactured by Panaxia and are subjected to stringent quality assurance protocols and the predetermined specifications required of pharmaceutical medicines. While most CBD companies perform the minimum requirement of third - party tests o n their final product, Panaxia conducts three internal tests through the manufacturing process to guarantee safety and consistency.

        For more than a decade, Panaxia has conducted numerous clinical trials on medicinal cannabis, including studies on migraines, kidney disease, psoriasis, and epilepsy. Until recently, U.S. federal restrictions prohibited cannabis and hemp companies from conducting this type of research. As a result, Panaxia is a decade ahead with its product commercialization, clinical studies, and data collection.

        For patients, physicians, and caregivers, Panaxia’s manufacturing process allows for a level of product consistency and quality unparalleled in the current CBD market.

        Panaxia manufactures Tikva’s full-spectrum, USA-grown, (>0.3% THC) hemp CBD products in the United States at a GMP facility designed to the same standards as their laboratories in Israel.

        Panaxia’s investment in leading-edge facilities allows for more precise measuring methods and production models–accurate to the nanogram–tailoring dosage and delivery methods to effectively treat patients with a wide variety of indications effectively.

        Tikva means “hope” in Hebrew, and that’s exactly what we aim to give your patients, dose after dose.

        Quality Raw Materials

        To meet the pharmaceutical standard and quality requirements in the final product, the raw materials used at the beginning of the process must be considered. This means that Tikva requires rigorous testing to ensure the biomass meets predetermined specificatio ns before any other steps are taken.

        We commit to the highest standards of integrity to protect consumers, ensuring our products are safe and evaluated against specific and measurable quality attributes. Panaxia has a pharmaceutical-grade standard for our raw materials that is far more stringent than current USDA requirements. Tikva’s hemp must pass multiple lab tests on profile, potency, heavy metals, microbiological contamination, mycotoxins, pesticides, and foreign matter.

        Rigorous Testing

        Not only do we conduct more testing than our competitors, but our specifications are also significantly more stringent to comply with pharmaceutical standards. For example, the USDA requires the total aerobic micro - colony forming units to be less than 100,000, whereas the Tikva requirement is to be less than 10,000 colony-forming units. State mandatory testing requires one cannabinoid potency test to verify that the product doesn’t exceed the federally allowable amount of THC. We perform multiple cannabino id potency tests to gather statistically significant data for analysis of possible contaminants and to ensure product safety.

        GMP Manufacturing

        The main purpose of GMP is for ensuring that products are safe and consistently produced and controlled to qual ity standards.

        Additional tenets include manufactu ring consistency, ensuring the end product is free from contamination, well-documented manufacturing, well-trained personnel, and quality checks throughout the manufacturing process—not just at the end p hase. At Tikva, we take GMP so seriously that e ven the primary and secondary packaging on all Tikva products are completed according to GMP requirements.

        Once we have tested the U.S.-grown hemp biomass to ensure it meets our predetermined quality specifications, CBD is extracted in a GMP cleanroom environment using non-volatile ethanol extraction. This safe extraction method separates the CBD-rich oil and other beneficial minor cannabinoi ds and terpenes without leaving harmful chemical residue.

        Pre-mixed excipients formulated to enhance stability, bioavailability, and delivery are sent from Panaxia’s GMP central production facilities in Israel or Malta directly to Panaxia’s site in the U.S. where they are mixed with our full-spectrum CBD extract. Panaxia then manufactures all Tikva products using their patented and proprietary processes and formulations.

        Comprehensive Analysis

        Panaxia’s analytical methods go above and beyond what is required at a federal or state level in the U.S. Panaxia utilizes state - of - the - art technologies and facilities, and employs analytical methods and guidelines that are certified and meticulously referenced.


        Panaxia’s current analytical method uses HPLC/UV to identify and quantify: THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, and THCV. Their improved HPLC/UV analytical method reduces runtime while lowering costs. It also features an internal standard t o improve the monitoring of instrument performance.


        Panaxia’s latest LC/MS/MS systems can quantify cannabinoids in blood samples, enabling them to perform Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies faster and more cost-effectively. The system can also ide ntify and quantify more cannabinoids, terpenes, and degradation products, enhancing the ability to develop innovative products that can treat a wide range of medical indications.

        Tikva Product Testing

        Only after passing multiple internal tests and ensu ring the product matches predetermined specifications are Tikva products sent to an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory for mandatory microbial and potency testing. Though third-party testing is required for all CBD products, using an ISO-accredited laboratory is not

        All Tikva products are lot-track-traced with a batch and lot number on the bottom of the carton. To ensure safety and consistency, each product includes a batch-specific Certificate of Analysis and accompanying QR code on the carton.


        Sometimes described as “what the body does to a drug,” Pharmacokinetics refers to the movement of a drug into, through, and out of the body – The time course of its absorption, bioavailability, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Drug pharmacokinetics determines the onset, duration, and intensity of a drug's effect. (Le, 2022)

        The pharmacokinetics of phytocannabinoids includes a number of processes:

        • Absorption into the bloodstream in each mode of administration method.
        • The distribution of the absorbed cannabinoids to the body’s organs and tissues.
        • The metabolizing processes occurring in the liver and other parts of the body.
        • Elimination via feces, urine, sweat, oral fluids, and hair follicles.

        The administration method and formulation of a cannabis product are significant factors in determining the rate and extent of the absorption of the active ingredients into the bloodstream. Administration types greatly affect bioavailability by changing th e number of biologic barriers a drug must cross or by changing the exposure of a drug to pumping and metabolic mechanisms (Stan K. Bardal et. al, 2011.

        Bioavailabi lity is the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the blood circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. It is essential for a medical product to have high bioavailability to ensure the API (active pharma ceutical ingredient, in this case, CBD) achieves the desired goal and reaches the desired part of the body.

        Unlike other cannabis companies, Panaxia supports Tikva’s products with pharmacokinetic data to know how fast and how completely the API is absorbed into the body.

        Modes of Administration

        One of the most important aspects of an effective medicine is the mode of administration. Each mode, or delivery method, has specific purposes, advantages, and disadvantages.

        Modes of administration include oral (tablets, capsules, chewables, liquids), injection, sublingual, rectal, vaginal, ocular, otic, nasal, topical, and inhalation.


        Oral administration is the most frequently used route of administration because of its simplicity, convenience, and safety.

        Absorption may begin in the mouth and stomach for drugs administered orally, however, most drugs are usually absorbed in the small intestine. The drug passes through the intestinal wall and travels to the liver before being transported via the bloodstream to its target site. The intestinal wall and liver chemically alter (metabolize) many drugs, decreasing the amount of the drug reaching the bloodstream (Le, 2022)

        Consequently, the bioavailability of drugs administered orally varies greatly. This route requires the drug or API to move through the digestive tract, greatly diminishing the efficacy of the drug. Because bioavailability and modes of administration make a significant impact on medicine, oral drugs are often given in smaller doses if injected intravenously to produce the same effect on the patient.

        Pharmaceutical medicines must have the proper excipients (an inactive and safe substance that serves as the vehicle or medium to enhance stability, bioavailability, and delivery of the API) to ensure the efficacy of the final product.


        Topical administration involves the application of the drug to elicit local effects at the site of application and to avoid systemic effect s. Examples include drugs administered to the eye, the nasal mucosa, or the skin. Generally, drugs are formulated to be less lipophilic to reduce systemic absorption.

        Topical creams used for muscle and joint relief must be specially formulated to penetrat e the outer dermal layer of the skin. If not, the API will not reach the desired part of the body to provide proper relief.


        Sublingual (under the tongue) or buccal (between gum and cheek) administration is advantageous for drugs with low oral b ioavailability because venous drainage from the mouth bypasses the liver. Drugs must be lipophilic to be absorbed rapidly. Buccal formulations can provide extended - release options to provide long - lasting effects (Stan K. Bardal et. al, 2011)

        Another advantage of sublingual administration is the high level of dosing control and the self-titration relative to inhalation administration and oral administration.

        Formulation Development

        Pharmaceutical formulation development is a crucial step to determine the optimal dosage, composition, and manufacturing process to achieve a product that is manufacturable, bioavailable, and chemically and physically stable through the manufacturing process and shelf life. Also, many quality standards and special requirements must be met to ensure the product’s efficacy and safety.

        Panaxia currently holds seven patents on delivery methods and formulations.
        Proprietary analytical me thods allow Panaxia’s R&D team to specify and standardize up to nine components in Tikva products. They also can identify and quantify eleven major and minor cannabinoids, including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBC, THCV, delta - 8 - THC , and 11 - hydro xy - THC. Tikva products are always made from full - spectrum hemp extracts, not CBD isolates or broad - spectrum extracts.

        Tikva formulations maximize absorption and bioavailability, which leads to consistently increased efficacy. The main raw plant materials and formulation excipients were selected to synergistically facilitate the functioning of the dominant plant actives (CBD).

        For example, Tikva’s proprietary tablet formulations bypass the liver to avoid the first-pass effect, maximizing absorption for optimal therapeutic potential. Tikva’s CBD creams are formulated to penetrate the outer dermal layer of the skin, delivering CBD deep into the muscles to provide fast - acting, localized relief.

        A cannabis product may say it has a high concentration of CBD, but it could have very low bioavailability, making it less effective than Tikva’s lower-concentration products with high bioavailability. Other products can lead to dosing uncertainty and overuse.

        Tikva products are designed to be absorbed effectively, so we don’t need to hyper-concentrate our formulations. Highly bioavailable, lower-dosed products enable safe and effective dose titration, so your patients can feel confident while determining their optimal CBD dosage.

        Instead of taking more and more milligrams of a CBD product that isn't being absorbed effectively into the body, your patients can take Tikva’s lower-dosed CBD specially made to maximize absorption to achieve maximum impact with less product.

        Along with Pharmacokinetic studies, Panaxia performs stability testing on all Tikva products to ensure safety and verify shelf-life duration. Stability testing provides evidence on how the quality of a drug substance or drug product varies with time under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and light, and to establish a retest period and shelf-life. These tests are essential in traditional pharmaceuticals, and they should be applied to medical hemp and cannabis pro ducts as well.

        Tikva Product Highlights

        Indication-driven, natural solutions manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

        CBD Melatonin Tablets

        Tikva wants to support your patients’ sleep hygiene with our pharmaceutical-grade, non-habit-forming aid that com bines two natural compounds - CBD and melatonin.
        Each tablet has 10mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin, specially formulated to help your patients fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. We recommend patients take one tablet with water 20 minutes before bedtime

        Benefits of combining CBD and Melatonin

        While melatonin alone can help a patient fall asleep, the hormone only modulates the sleep/wake cycle, and does not facilitate sustained or restful sleep. Therefore, patients may not achieve relief with melatonin alone

        Tikva’s precise ratio of CBD to melatonin and additional excipients work synergistically to ensure increased bioavailability and higher therapeutic value per dose.

        Each API has a unique dose to provide distinctive benefits rela ted to sleep regulation and quality – The melatonin activates your patients’ sleep/wake cycle to help them go to sleep, while the CBD provides additional support to help your patient stay asleep throughout the night.

        CBD Myo-Inositol Tablets

        Help your patients reduce stress naturall y with Tikva’s CBD + Myo-inositol tablets – a one-of-a-kind daily supplement combining the calming relief of CBD with the clinically-proven benefits of Myo-inositol in one convenient tablet.

        Each tablet contains 10mg of CBD and 100mg of Myo-inositol. Patients can take up to three tablets, daily. We recommend that a patient should take the supplement for at least 5 - 7 days before determining optimal results.

        Benefits of combining CBD and Myo-inositol

        Tikva’s precise ratio of CBD to Myo-inositol and additional excipients work synergistically to optimize their therapeutic value. Each API has a unique dose to provide distinctive benefits related to stress mitigation.

        The Endocannabinoid System’s impact on physiological homeostasis and behavioral regulation enables cannabinoids like CBD to produce anxiolytic effects when introduced to the body. Myo-inositol, another naturally occurring compound, also mitigates stress and anxiety similarly to SSRIs due to the role it plays in balancing serotonin, dopamine, and other chemical transmitters in the brain.

        CBD Oral Tablets

        Help improve your patients’ quality of life with Tikva’s CBD Oral Tablets – a convenient, measured-dose supplement that can easily be incorporated into their daily wellness routine.

        CBD delivered orally affects the mind and body, making it a holistic solution for patients seeking consistent mental and physical relief. Tikva’s proprietary tablet formulation enhances bioavailability and enables lower doses to have a higher therapeutic impact, so your patients can maximize their relief with minimal intake.

        Each tablet has 10mg of CBD and patients can take one to three tablets, daily. We recommend that a patient should take the tablets for 5-7 days before determining optimal results.

        Benefits of combining CBD Oral Tablets

        While melatonin alone can help a patient fall asleep, the hormone only modulates the sleep/wake cycle, and does not facilitate sustained or restful sleep. Therefore, patients may not achieve relief with melatonin alone.

        CBD Relief Cream

        Fast-acting, localized relief without a prescription is in your patients’ reach! Packed with ingredients including jojoba oil and shea butter for a smooth, nourishing application, and menthol, camphor, and capsicum for a warming and cooling sensation – our creams spread easily and absorb quickly to provide your patients with relief when and where they need it.

        Tikva creams are formulated with excipients that work synergistically with CBD to maximize therapeutic potential – penetrating the outer dermal layer of the skin and increasing absorption of these beneficial ingredients into the muscles.
        This cream can be used mu ltiple times a day, and before and after workouts. Your patients should feel the Tikva effects within minutes after application.

        CBD Tincture Oil

        With a fast onset and flexible dosing, CBD tincture oils are a great starting place for patients seeking alternative relief but are concerned about dosing. The oil dropper enables patients to start at the smallest, lowest dose and increase as needed until desired results are achieved.

        Tikva’s CBD oils are a great natural solution to help ease your patients’ minds and reduce tension in their bodies. Buccal delivery facilitates fast - acting relief – for best results, patients should administer the drops directly under their tongue and hold for 20 seconds.


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